Stone Masonry Taken to the Next Level

Welcome to Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC

Since our start in 2016, we’ve been fueled by a fiery passion for stone masonry, years of hands-on experience, and a promise to deliver service that’s nothing short of exceptional.

Our goal? To surpass your expectations at every turn.

At Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC, we’re all about creating a spotless, secure environment that paves the way for a project journey you’ll actually enjoy. But we don’t just stop at our services; we craft end-to-end solutions, meticulously overseeing every detail from the initial sketch to the final flourish.

With us, you’re not just getting quality workmanship; you’re getting a dedicated partner committed to excellence in every stone laid and every design dreamed.

generations of masonry

Meet the Owner and Founder

The cornerstone of Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC is Kai Demolski, a seasoned professional with over 20 years in the masonry industry and more than 15 years as a licensed contractor. Masonry is not just a profession for Kai; it’s a lifelong passion passed down through generations of the Demolski family.

Starting from a young age, Kai was introduced to the world of stone masonry by his father, quickly developing a deep appreciation for architecture while falling in love with the creative side.

For Kai, Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC is not merely about business; it’s about creating with a passion that runs through his veins, a tribute to the legacy of craftsmanship cherished by his family.

More than a Business, It’s a Family Legacy

Masonry is more than just a trade in the Demolski family; it’s a respected tradition that has been passed down through four generations.

The art of stone masonry that Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC champions today is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Demolski family’s craftsmanship. From his great-grandfather to his father, Kai has been inspired to carry forward this legacy of excellence.

With every stone laid, Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC is not just about building for the present but crafting a legacy for future generations.