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At Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC, we believe every great project starts with listening. Your aspirations, your needs, and the unique story you want your space to tell are our guiding stars. Whether we are creating a warm, inviting fireplace for family gatherings, setting up a custom fire pit for those endless summer nights, or crafting an entrance that speaks volumes about your style, we’re here to make those upgrades perfect.

Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC is dedicated to craftsmanship and quality that is rooted in a rich family history of masonry that stretches back four generations. Kai Demolski, our founder, not only carries this legacy with pride but also brings over 15 years of licensed expertise to the forefront of each project. This blend of tradition and expertise ensures that every patio, pathway, and feature we create stands as a testament to enduring beauty and function.

Opting for Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC means you’re choosing a team committed to your complete satisfaction. We’re known for our clear communication, respect for your property, and a clean work environment, this makes a smooth and fun experience from start to finish. If you’re looking to enhance your home’s outdoor living area, improve curb appeal, or embark on any masonry endeavor, reach out for a complimentary quote. Let’s begin the journey of transforming your vision into a tangible, breathtaking reality with Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC.


Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC’s Services



There’s something undeniably warm about brick/block, and we’re here to weave that timeless appeal into your property. From peaceful garden walls to custom features that catch the eye, our brickwork adds a layer of character and durability. At Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC we focus on the details, guaranteeing every brick perfectly complements your home’s style.


Masonry Contractor Stone Entrances

First impressions matter, and with our stone entrances, your home will always greet guests with style and grace. Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC specializes in creating entries that not only welcome but also echo the unique charm of your home. Whether you’re envisioning a large stone entrance or a subtle elegant entrance, we’ll bring that vision to life with craftsmanship that lasts.

Fire Pits & BBQs

Fire Pits & BBQs

Imagine gathering around a fire pit or BBQ, making memories under the stars. At Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC we create outdoor masterpieces to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering a perfect blend of functionality and good vibes. Whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening, our custom designs are the centerpiece of outdoor living.


Stone Fireplace

Enhance your indoor comfort and style with a custom fireplace or chimney that stands as a testament to fine craftsmanship. Not just for warmth, our fireplaces are designed to be the heart of the room, where stories are shared, and memories made. We ensure each build is as useful as it is beautiful, increasing every moment spent by the fire.


Stone Pathway Service

Pathways are the roads of your backyard that guide you through its beauty. At Tahoe Store Masonry we design pathways that are more than just practical; they’re an integral part of the landscape’s charm. Crafted to invite exploration and complement your outdoor space, our pathways are the perfect blend of form and function.


Stone Patio Backyard Masonry Contractor

Your patio should be a reflection of your indoor living space, extended outdoors. At Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC we tailor each patio project to match your needs and preferences, creating the perfect background for relaxation and entertainment. Whether you dream of a quiet retreat or a space for large gatherings, we craft patios that are both beautiful and functional.


Stone Pool Area

Transform your pool area into a stunning oasis with our poolscape designs. From creating sophisticated settings to practical non-slip surfaces, Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC enhances the beauty and enjoyment of your pool. Our creative approach guarantees that every detail contributes to consistently and an inviting area that complements your lifestyle.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls do more than just hold back earth; they sculpt your landscape into usable, beautiful spaces. Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC’s designs not only address the practical needs of your home but also add visual value, turning functional elements into features of your backyard’s overall design.

Steps & Stairways

Stone Mason Steps & Stairways

Navigating your landscape should be a seamless, enjoyable experience. Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC’s steps and stairways are crafted to provide safe, elegant access across your property, blending naturally with the surroundings. Whether it’s a gentle slope or a dramatic tiered garden, we create transitions that are both beautiful and practical.


Stone Veneer Masonry

Update and raise your property’s appearance with our custom veneer solutions. Ideal for adding the look of natural stone or brick without the heavy construction, our veneers are both lightweight and durable. Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC can help you achieve a fresh, new look that enhances your home’s curb appeal, property value, and character.

Stone Front Door

We Are Always Here to Answer All Your Masonry Questions

At Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC, forging genuine and meaningful connections is our cornerstone. Local artisans with a deep passion for stone and brick, we’re here to turn your dreams into reality.

We know that stepping into a masonry project can feel like a big leap. That’s why we are always here—to hold the door open for you, ready to walk you through the process with a friendly chat and expert advice. It’s our mission at Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC to keep things simple, transparent, and, most importantly, custom-fitted to you. 

If you have any questions? Need clarity? Or just feeling curious about what your next step could be? Reach out and give us a call at 775-400-0182. We’re not just a voice at the end of the line; we’re your dedicated local partners in crafting stonework that tells your story. At Tahoe Stone Masonry LLC, your dreams, your questions, and your projects are always in good hands.